About Us

History of ARCPP

The National organization of Respiratory Therapist had its humble beginnings on July of 2OOO at the Manila Galleria Suites, Pasig City during the 10th Annual Convention of the Philippine Association of Pulmonary Care. The joint efforts of three pre-existing organization during that time, met to unite and make a better team in promoting and professionalizing the practice of Respiratory Therapy through legislature. The leaders of the Philippine Association of Pulmonary Care (PAPC -1993) headed by Mr. Raymond Joy Macainan, PAPC - President, the Philippine Society for the Advancement of Respiratory Therapy (PSART- ) led by the President Mr. Alejandro Palado and the Philippine Association of Respiratory Therapy (PART- ) headed by Mr. Marcelino Valera, PART President signed a memorandum of agreement to form The Association of Respiratory Care Practitioners, Phil. Inc. popularly known as ARCPP today, with Mr. Wilmer G. Valera as the founding President. The union of the three organizations was made to pave the way for the call of unity amongst the professionals because of the need for an integrated organization during the movements for professional recognition through legislation at the lower house of congress. The organization was tasked to work on the recognition and accreditation of the profession of Respiratory Therapy through legislation and professional regulation through licensure examinations. To date, the organization has over a thousand members both from local Respiratory Therapist and Filipino Respirator/ Therapist practicing abroad. The Association believes on the great importance and contribution of the Respiratory Therapy practice in promoting excellent medical service, helping physicians to alleviating the health conditions of the Filipino People and most of all promoting patient safety and the prevention of medical malpractices.

The Organization represents the whole respiratory therapy community which includes the academe, Respiratory Therapist from private and government hospitals in the country including those who are handling home care services, research and professional education programs. The organization was registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock, non profit organization in 2001.